Can you do weight training to lose weight?

Ever wondered if you can do weight training to lose weight?

Guy holding food wondering how many calories he burned weight lifting
Weight training to lose weight

Is it possible to do weight training to lose weight? If you’re a bit like me, you’d prefer to spend your hours in the gym lifting weights instead of going out for a run when you’re trying to lose weight. But is it possible to do weight training to lose weight?

Is it possible to burn fat doing weight training?

Doing weight training to lose weight and burn fat is possible. Just like biking, swimming, or any other activity we can do, weight training burns calories.

Burning fat can easily be explained as calories in vs calories out, if you use more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight. Because weight training burns calories, it can be used to help us burn fat.

Why do I gain weight despite doing weight training?

You’ve been lifting for a couple of months and you’re trying to lose weight. You got your diet under control but you’re still not losing any weight. Why? It’s a frustrating scenario many have encountered that makes them worry. Actually, this isn’t a bad thing. You’re most likely building muscles.

An increase in muscle mass will help you burn more calories, which in return will help you lose weight easier in the future.

How many calories are burned weight lifting?

We know that weight training burns calories and is good for weight loss. But how many calories are burned weight lifting for one hour?

While giving an exact answer might be close to impossible, we’ll still be able to give an estimate. An average person weighing 80 kgs (176lb), doing one hour of weight lifting will burn anywhere between 250 and 500 calories. And that’s without even considering the afterburn.

Of course, this can vary from person to person depending on their muscle mass, the intensity of the workouts, and what exercises they’re doing. But, no matter what, lifting weights is a great way to burn some calories and lose weight.

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