Best workout split for mass – How do you pick the right split?

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What is the best workout split for mass? Let’s find out.

We all want to spend our time in the gym as efficiently as possible. We want to do the right exercises, with the right amount of sets and reps. Before we can figure out what exercises we should be doing, we have to decide how we’re gonna share our muscle groups.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common workout splits and try to determine which is the best workout split for building mass.


As the word, fullbody indicates, you’re going to hit every single muscle group every workout.

While the number of exercises and intensity of your trainings might be low, we’ll experience a higher frequency than with some of the higher splits. The fullbody split allows us to workout in the gym 3 times a week. With only three days in the gym, we’ll be left with plenty of time for cardio, other kinds of physical activity, or maybe, time for your other passions.

While the fullbody split generally isn’t the best for building muscle mass, it has some advantages over the higher splits.

The 2-day split

A 2-day split is a way of sharing the muscles into two groups. A classic use of the 2-day split is the push/pull split, with a day for the muscles that pull, such as back, and one for those that push, such as chest.

This will, compared to full body, allow us to do more exercises for each muscle group and increase the intensity. This will be a great way to progress further beyond what we did with a fullbody workout.

For the best results, we should always aim to train each muscle group at least two times a week. That’s why we recommend that you have 4-6 workouts a week with the 2-day split.

Looking for a 2-day split workout plan? Click here

The 3-day split

With the 3-day split, we want to share the muscle groups into three bigger groups. A popular way of doing this is the push/pull/legs (chest, shoulder, triceps/ back, traps, biceps/ legs, calves, abs)

Since we have fewer muscle groups together, we have the chance to do more exercises and focus more on each muscle group.

Since we need three days to train the whole body with the 3-day split, we can hit every muscle group twice a week while being able to have a single off day. This, combined with the opportunity to do intense and heavy workouts makes the 3-day split a good contender for the best workout split for mass and strength.

The 4-day split

We have a lot of options for sharing the muscle groups when doing a 4-day split. A quite common way of doing this is to share it into chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs and calves and shoulders, traps, and abs.

The 4-day split allows us to have really intense workouts focused on a few muscle groups. While that might sound perfect, this split won’t allow you to hit the same muscle group twice a week. As a beginner, you might want to wait a bit before you start this split. As a more experienced lifter, this could be a good variation to your 2- or 3-day split.

The best workout split for mass?

Every split has its advantages and disadvantages. Their all good for different purposes and different people. But what is the best workout split for building mass?

The 3-day split is the best for building muscle mass. We have three reasons why. We’ll have six workouts a week, which gives us enough days to train every muscle group twice a week. We’ll be able to take good care of all the different muscles and really give them our attention. And lastly, the rest day we’ll have once a week is essential for the body, to get the necessary rest to grow.

But why isn’t it the 2- or 4-day split?

The 2-day split might allow us to hit each muscle group quite frequently. While that might be a good thing, having only two different days in your workout will give you a hard time doing enough exercises and sets for each muscle group.

The opposite can be said about the 4-day split. We might have plenty of time to have really intense workouts with a lot of exercises but we won’t be able to work them enough. As we need 4 days to work all muscles, we won’t be able to hit them twice a week. That’s why the 4-day split isn’t the best workout split for building muscle mass.

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