How to get abs – The real way

A man with abs are standing, holding a cable in each hand.

You’ve probably heard a million ways of how to get abs. Just a quick search on Google or YouTube will give you an endless stream of different and often misleading answers. They’ll claim that in only 2 weeks, you’ll have abs if only you follow their particular program. But is it really that easy?

Nope, it’s not as simple as doing a couple of crunches every day and voila, your abs are showing. They require hard work and discipline over a long time, depending on your fat percentage. Here’s how to get abs – The real way.

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Abs are made in the kitchen (partly)

No, abs aren’t just made in the gym, the difficult part is happening in the kitchen. You have to approach your diet with the same discipline as your workouts if you want abs.

The most important factor for a nice six-pack is the fat percentage and this is where most struggle. To lose fat, you’ll have to be in a calorie deficit but without getting too low as you’ll start losing too much muscle mass meanwhile. Try to stay in a 300-500 calorie deficit per day or use our free online BMR calculator.

Besides eating a sufficient number of calories it’s important to remember to eat enough protein. A good rule is to eat 1-1.2g/lb(2.2-2.6g/kg) of body weight.

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Work every single muscle group – Also legs

You want a six-pack, why should you even care about doing anything else than crunches?

You don’t want to skip your usual routine just because your goal is to get abs. If you did, you would seriously hurt your progress.

After already 3-4 weeks of not using your muscles like you usually does, they’ll start to shrink. As a result, you’ll burn fewer calories, and losing fat will be harder. That’s why you should never stop working out, even when your goal is to lose weight.

And do you still need a reason to train your legs? Just remember that the legs contain 6 of the 10 biggest muscles in our bodies. If you want to maximize your fat-burning, growing your leg muscles is key.

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Keep your NEAT high

If you work at an office, always take the car to work, and aren’t really active besides your scheduled gym and cardio sessions, cutting down and getting those abs will be a whole lot harder.

NEAT, short for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is all the activities that you won’t think of as exercise. It might be biking to work, shopping, cleaning, or something completely else.

Having a high NEAT is key when cutting. Try to think of new ways to improve it. You could start parking at the far end of the car park, make sure that you have to get up to get water or coffee when sitting and taking the stairs when possible.

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