Should you drink your protein shake after or before your workout?

A protein shake is placed in front of two kettlebells. The photograph wonders if he should drink his protein shake after or before his workout

We all know that protein is important, but how important is the timing? Does it have any benefits if you drink your shake before your workout instead of after? Let’s find out.

How much whey protein do you need?

Protein powder isn’t like creatine. There aren’t any rules telling you how much to take for the best effects. Instead, you’ll want to look at your diet and how much protein you need.

  • You should eat between 1.2-1.7g of protein per kg body weight or 0.5-0.8g per lbs of body weight when trying to gain mass.
  • You should eat between 2.2-2.6g of protein per kg body weight or 1.1-1.2g per lbs of body weight if you’re trying to lose weight.

Once you know how much protein you need, you can use whey to reach your macro targets.

If you’re not following or planning to follow any specific diet, a good rule of thumb could be to take two scoops (50-60g) of your favorite protein powder every day. This way you’ll be sure to get enough.

You shouldn’t substitute protein powder with real food. Use it as a supplement instead.

Protein shake after or before your workout?

Should you drink your protein shake after or before your workout? It’s a question often asked but unfortunately, the subject hasn’t been studied much. Actually, only one study has been looking into this.

A study from 2017 had a group of 21 men. They were shared into two groups. One group received a supplement containing 25g of protein before their workout, the other group received it after.

They did this for 10 weeks and when the study ended, they concluded that the timing of protein didn’t have much impact on the results. Instead, the total amount consumed through the day had a bigger impact.


There aren’t any clear benefits of consuming protein either before or after your workout. The total amount consumed through the day is more important.

Let the meals fit your schedule and make sure that you get enough through the day. Use protein powder as a supplement to reach your daily target.

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