How to reduce water retention – 5 easy tips

Before we get to discuss how to reduce water retention, we should understand what it is. Water retention also called edema or fluid retention occurs when excess fluids build up inside our body. It may happen in many different ways. Most aren’t serious. Maybe, you ate fast food for dinner, spent all day sitting onContinue reading “How to reduce water retention – 5 easy tips”

Creatine – The beginner’s guide

Creatine is the best supplement for improving performance in the gym. Studies show that it has a positive impact on strength, muscle mass, exercise performance as well as numerous other health benefits. This article will explain everything you need to know about creatine, the most popular sports supplement in the world. What is creatine? CreatineContinue reading “Creatine – The beginner’s guide”

How to get abs – The real way

You’ve probably heard a million ways of how to get abs. Just a quick search on Google or YouTube will give you an endless stream of different and often misleading answers. They’ll claim that in only 2 weeks, you’ll have abs if only you follow their particular program. But is it really that easy? Nope,Continue reading “How to get abs – The real way”

How to set up your macros for weight loss

Setting up your macros for weight loss isn’t as hard as it might sound. At least not when you know how many calories you need to eat. Here’s how to set up your macros for weight loss. You can use my free tool to calculate your needed daily calorie intake here. What are macros? Macros,Continue reading “How to set up your macros for weight loss”