Weight training Program for Beginners

A man in a black tanktop is doing seated shoulder press. He's no longer a beginner.

Maybe you’re new to weight training and looking for the perfect weight training program for beginners. Or maybe, you’re simply needing a break from your complicated program, that requires you to hit the gym every day.

No matter why you’re looking for a new program, fitness bro’s weight training program for beginners will be perfect for you.

Before we get to the actual program, let’s have a look at some of the basics of it.

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Build Around compound exercises, not machines

You don’t need new fancy machines to get bigger and stronger, a barbell and some dumbbells will be more than enough for you to gain muscles and strength. That’s why we have created a strength training program for beginners, whose main focus is compound exercises.

The quality of the machines in different gyms will be changing, but you should always expect some selection of free weights. Because of this, our workout plan can be done almost everywhere.

The perfect split for weight training beginners

When looking to build mass we often see people going for the higher splits in which they hit every muscle group every 5-7 days. While that might have some advantages for more experienced lifters, a lower split in which you hit every muscle group a bit more often should be preferred by most.

That’s why we used the classic 2-day push/pull split to make our weight training for beginners program. That way, we’ll hit every muscle group twice a week, shared over 4 workouts. If your goal is to lose weight, you could add some cardio to this program.

Ever wondered what’s the difference between the 2- 3- and 4-day split?

When should I add weight?

Following strict programs in which the weight for every lift, has been counted beforehand, is extremely popular. While it might be effective for more experienced lifters, it might seem confusing for beginners. That’s why we have made adding weight a bit more simple.

You want to start with a weight where you’re able to take 6 reps of each exercise. When you’re able to take 8 or more reps per set, you want to increase the weight again. To put it simply, start at 6 reps, lift until you can do 8 reps, add more weight, and do 6 reps again with the increased weight.

The whole purpose of the program is to make it as simple as possible. That way you won’t have to worry about anything else than you’re hard and heavy workouts.

The perfect weight training program for beginners

Finally, we’re here, what you’ve all been waiting for, Fitness Bros weight training program for beginners. Below you’ll be able to see the exercises, sets, and reps.

Monday/Thursday – Chest, Shoulders, triceps and abs

Dumbell incline benchpres46-8
Military press46-8
Side lateral46-8
Skull crushers46-8
Cable crunch46-8

In need of a dumbbells arm workout?

Tuesday/Friday – Legs, back and biceps

Calf raises46-8
Bent over row.46-8
Face pulls46-8
Dumbell curls46-8

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Rest time

Don’t be afraid to take a bit more rest in between sets if you want to maximize muscle growth. We usually recommend 2-3 minutes rest between each set to get the most of it.

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