The 5 best ab exercises for building six-pack abs

Having six-pack abs isn’t all about which ab exercises you’re doing in the gym. Sure, working your abs will help you achieve nicer abs and maybe even make your dream of having visible abs easier to obtain. That being said, you’ll never have a visible six-pack if your fat percentage is too high. Lifting heavy,Continue reading “The 5 best ab exercises for building six-pack abs”

This guy lifting is not a beginner. He's been lifting for a while now and have gotten great results since he started on the the best strength training program for beginners.

Weight training Program for Beginners

Maybe you’re new to weight training and looking for the perfect weight training program for beginners. Or maybe, you’re simply needing a break from your complicated program, that requires you to hit the gym every day. No matter why you’re looking for a new program, fitness bro’s weight training program for beginners will be perfectContinue reading “Weight training Program for Beginners”




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